A brief overview.

I began as an artist 30 years ago, after college, initially as an assistant in art schools and made art on commission. I developed a following in Ireland and was very busy for many years. In 2009 I threw myself into creating art groups, publishing catalogues of artists works and establishing information databases.

Life drawing was my favorite subject and I drew with others in Trinity College. Great memories. Then set up a drawing group in the United Arts Club, Fitzwilliam street, Dublin.


I published several art catalogues, indexing artists, disseminating their works and history and distributing these throughout Ireland, That exposed me to a lot of new information resulting in the realization that I had to leave Ireland.


American or France? I chose France and lived in Paris for 10 years. In that time I studied with some fantastic artists, ran two art galleries on the Isle Saint Louis and met a lot of very interesting people. Finally one of the exhibiting artists convinced me to leave France and study in Florence Italy with his artist master. This is where I met John Michael Angel of the Angel Art Academy in Florence.


I needed to focus my diverse artistic interests in one direction so I chose landscape as it’s one of the most difficult with the most to offer in terms of challenge. Landscapes are a celebrations of natures diverse and complex beauty. It is ever changing and vibrant even in the depths of winter. I drawing and paint the human figure for pleasure.

Tom. J. Byrne
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