Painting plein air brings out the zen. I can introduce you to the tranquil locations and best beauty spots around Florence. There are many good painting locations scattered around the city and even in the midst of a busy street there are often pools of tranquility. I'll guide you and show you how to paint them.

By taking the correct approach you can make every stage of a painting look like the finished piece.


I'll explain color and show you how to use simple forms and detail to arrive at a painting in a step by step manner. Working fast is a virtue, not a vice and painting should be relaxing.

Confideniality is assured.

Plein air Painting and Drawing


Tom. J. Byrne

Confideniality is assured.

Tom offeres personalised drawing and painting tuition to individuals and groups in Florence and internationally.

The subjects taught include:



For privacy, one to one instruction can take place in the villa San Francesco di Paola or in Florence generally.

For rates, send a request with details of your requirements to